Kart of Origin- 50 minutes team endurance race Team of 2 drivers, must consist of one NSW and one QLD supporter. Event date: Thursday 20th June 2019. There will have a maximum of seven teams (two drivers per team). The event will start at 8pm

Cost: $280per team

Each event will include the following:

Each team member will participate in a five minute shootout for pole position. Single fastest time from each team will determine its start position for the main event.

This is a 50 minute team endurance race, each team is required to make 4 mandatory pit stops, however teams can do more depending on strategies. We recommend completing 14-16 laps between stops as this is optimum, however if you choose to drive further into the race you take into account the effect this will have on the lap times.

Teams must complete all mandatory pit stops for the endurance event, however there is no minimum or maximum amount of laps between pit stops.

• All results will be provisional, penalties will then be applied after the race. (See penalties below). Event 1- Arrival: 6:45pm sharp Drivers briefing: 7pm Qualifying 1: 7:30pm Event Race: 8pm


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